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A note from Reverend Dr. Diana L. Swoope

God is a giver and has called us to be givers as well. Giving is one of the expectations of all members of the Arlington Church of God. Ultimately, everything we have belongs to God. Giving our resources back to God is our way of acknowledging that we are indeed stewards. Tithing, giving ten percent of one’s finances, and offerings, a gift over and above the tithe, is commanded by God (Malachi 3:10). These are to be given to the church that provides the spiritual nurturing for the Christian. We are pleased to offer online giving for the members of our church. If you are not a member but have been blessed by our ministry, you may choose to use this site to support our ministry with a financial gift. Click onto the giving link to learn of the different options available to you for giving through this website.

Be blessed, and thanks for your financial support.



New Tithe Envelope for Kids                              New Tithe Envelope for Kids

Tithe Challenge:   You Do the Math

A tithe is ten percent of your income. 

Your income is $500.00per week.  Therefore your weekly tithe is $50.00.

Here’s how to find it.

            Multiply500.00 x 0.10 (or 10% on the calculator) = $50.00

            Or,simply move the decimal point in 500.00 one space to the left

If you want to increase your overall tithe by 1% (so thatyou give 11% tithe) do this:

            Yourweekly tithe is $50.00.

            Multiply50.00 x 0.10 (or 10%) = $5.00.

            Nowadd:  5.00 + 50.00 = 55.00           

            Keepdoing that for the entire year and you have increased your overall tithe by 1%!


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